Here’s what I’ve done so far

My name is Effi Rusnawati, I grew up in Bogor and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Languages and Arts in Education of English Language in 2015. As I relentlessly pursue the courage to be myself, In May 2017, I became Project Manager at SIRCLO, a SaaS (Software as a Service) company empowering businesses sell online, providing access for everyone to reliable technologies such as eCommerce website builder, marketplace integration tool, and multi channel management services.

On September 2017, I married partner after 7 years in relationship . I’m still moved by the outpour of love and admiration we received surrounding the wedding experience. To know that our family and friends felt appreciated, deeply connected, and free to be themselves meant to the world to me.

I know that a life worth living needs to include quality interactions with others. Here’s a call to all of us to daily review our actions and think about how we can do better.

Thanks for hearing me 🙂